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We are off to a great start. All the interviews are entertaining. Its a great way to get to know the artists and the music. So listen, like and share, this is awesome!
Thanks for listening, and stay tuned.
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Had a great time getting to know these guys. Enjoy their music, and their influences that drive them to create interesting catchy songs that are fun, and showcase their talent.

Baby and the Nobodies


I had a wonderful time at this interview, these guys and gal, are very welcoming and absolutely wonderful. I really enjoy their music, and look forward to the upcoming shows. All of them have a stage presence is very entertaining.. See them live at any of the new upcoming shows! worth the price of admission. Love them!

Malignant Scorn


Thank you so much for hanging out with me and letting us get to know you guys a little. Sorry this has taken so long to get out. Life happens. Really looking forward to your show on the 28th at Cryptatropa Bar · Olympia, and whatever you decide to do next! Looking forward to great things! Really enjoyed our interview. Thank you!
The music is a little rough, but its to be expected at a practice and should no way reflect the major thrash metal that you do. Its all on me! Check them out!

Ali Baker


Ali Baker has debut her solo album *Ghost Tracks, another full album is in the works. Ali is currently involved in several different projects with her beautiful singing voice, fun personality, and guitar. I really enjoyed getting to know her thru this interview, I am really looking forward to any endeavors that she may put herself in. Great person, Great Voice, Great presence, very involved in Olympia music.
Ali Baker is an Olympia must see.

Reverent Circle


It was a dark and stormy night in Grays Harbor, Full of Rain, Fog,& Rock. Okay, so yes it was dark and stormy full of rock music and I enjoyed every second. Reverent Circle are just one of those bands. They bring it. I am not sure how to describe their music; lets go with rock, add some metal, then with some extras thrown in. I like it, and I am truly looking forward to what they have coming up in their future. *Gorilla Screwdriver, gotta love it.
Thank you so much guys!!!!

Inside the Gates


I love these guys. They are a major bunch of fun. I really enjoyed the time I spent with them, they rock! I am totally looking forward to the new original material and ep release. hopefully before 2028... tee-hee. They are really a down to earth, fun group with lots to offer, anything from cover tunes to their original stuff is awesome to listen to. If you get the chance go see them. they will be at Louie Gs in Fife, for Halloween, Thank you guys so much for giving us a chance to get to know you!

No Avail


So much fun!!! What a great bunch of guys. I can not wait until they have an album out, sorry my recordings from practice do not do them justice. not even a little!!!



Antihero, yep these guys!! What can I say, I am a big fan. I really enjoyed getting to know them better and lots of laughs (as usual), thank you so much for taking the time.
Antihero - I get it, and hopefully everyone else does too!!!

Razors and Redflags


At a practice space in the small town of McCleary, I got to get to know this band. Awesome! way more than I expected.. The music they play has a very classic rock feel to it, I really enjoyed getting to know them and would love to see them more in the Olympia area!
hint - to all my promoter friends this is a very solid band that would fit in at any venue.

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