Reverent Circle


It was a dark and stormy night in Grays Harbor, Full of Rain, Fog,& Rock. Okay, so yes it was dark and stormy full of rock music and I enjoyed every second. Reverent Circle are just one of those bands. They bring it. I am not sure how to describe their music; lets go with rock, add some metal, then with some extras thrown in. I like it, and I am truly looking forward to what they have coming up in their future. *Gorilla Screwdriver, gotta love it.
Thank you so much guys!!!!

In spite of the drive and the weather, I had a great time getting to know these guys. They are all Super. They are all pretty different it seems in personality, but mesh really well to bring something very interesting and worth seeing to the band. I really like the way they play with different genres. A lot of energy and playfulness in this project. I am really liking their new full length album - I recommend it, the track *Roman Orgy, and several others on the album show this talented and playful side of the band.

I have included off the *Burnt Black album;
All Fall Down
Lounge Fly

V-Money: Vocals and Guitar
Scotty Karate: Drums
Hornet: Bass
Mad Mike: Lead Guitar

Check them out on Facebook, reverbnation and

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