Jessie Jackson, Owner Rock Therapy Records


Jessie is an amazing talented guitarist, Owner of Rock Therapy Records, and her most recent band *full Moon radio just played their last show together over the weekend.

I had a great time interviewing Jessie at a nearby park while her daughter played. I am very impressed with her drive and all the things she manages to accomplish. She has some great things to say, and I am pulling for her to make another all female group in Olympia. I cant wait for the results of her search. I am so looking forward to the Bangles cover band playing at Night of the Living Cover Bands, hopefully this year. Look at her record label page for more information on current bands albums. I have showcased some here, and in the interview.

Rock Therapy Records

Full Moon Radio /single *There is no edge
Ali Baker "Ghost Trax" *Let's Walk
Hot Cops /single *Rhythm of the Fools

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I just found out that the

I just found out that the Bangle cover Band WILL be playing, Night of the Living cover bands 2015 Halloween @ Capital Theater, Olympia, so EXCITED!!!




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