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So much fun!!! What a great bunch of guys. I can not wait until they have an album out, sorry my recordings from practice do not do them justice. not even a little!!!

I went to practice at their space and it was great, complete with AC, and mini fridge. I was made to feel right at home. These guys are awesome. tons of fun, great stories, and lots of laughs. They are very dedicated but way chill approachable and just regular nice guys. I really enjoyed every minute that I hung out and really look forward to seeing them around and play more shows. They are all really great people Rock Stars each and everyone of them. Thank you all so much. I truely enjoyed myself and anyone listening... Go to a SHOW, see them live, they are great!

Ty, guitar
Sean, vocals
Jimmie, drums
Sonny / Jim, guitar
Paulie, bass

Songs featured in the interview, recorded at practice, they are..
Fall of Man
Shut up and Listen

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