Malignant Scorn


Thank you so much for hanging out with me and letting us get to know you guys a little. Sorry this has taken so long to get out. Life happens. Really looking forward to your show on the 28th at Cryptatropa Bar · Olympia, and whatever you decide to do next! Looking forward to great things! Really enjoyed our interview. Thank you!
The music is a little rough, but its to be expected at a practice and should no way reflect the major thrash metal that you do. Its all on me! Check them out!

Next Show the 28th of Jan @Cryptatropa Bar · Olympia
Check out their facebook page and invite them to do a show with you, great guys!

Feature songs: Feeding Frenzy, Killing by Virtue, and Apparitions of The Goat.

Steve - Gutturals
Chris - Stringed Destructor
Jeremy - Stringed Destructor
Victor - Bass Destroyer
Chris - Human Skinner

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