Ali Baker


Ali Baker has debut her solo album *Ghost Tracks, another full album is in the works. Ali is currently involved in several different projects with her beautiful singing voice, fun personality, and guitar. I really enjoyed getting to know her thru this interview, I am really looking forward to any endeavors that she may put herself in. Great person, Great Voice, Great presence, very involved in Olympia music.
Ali Baker is an Olympia must see.

I will be at La Gitana Pizzeria on Dec. 12th to see the Jazz quartet that is a new project, and will be on the look for up coming events from *Hear her RAW, currently of West Olympia Farmers Market but looking for another venue. I really enjoyed getting to know her and her music is very reflective.
Thank you again so much for your interview, I look forward to seeing you soon.

You can find her on Facebook, Soundcloud (Ali Von Baker), & signed with Rock Therapy Records.

Featured songs,
There is no Edge,
Noisia, featuring Jon Hanna
& Take Your Time.

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